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SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is a full service global manufacturer of controlled bolting solutions, including hydraulic torque and tensioning systems, industry specific certified training programs, system rentals, and flange management database software. We are your partner in flange management, both in regards to infrastructure construction and operations and maintenance applications, enabling you to complete your project safely, in less time and on budget.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems was formed when SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies, a division of SPX FLOW Inc, acquired Torque Tension Systems LTD (TTS), of Ashington, UK. The new partnership combined the best high pressure (10,000 psi) hydraulic power pack manufacturer, Power Team, with one of the industry’s best torque and tensioning tool manufacturers, resulting in a best-in-class bolting system.

TTS personnel had combined their experience to develop a company dedicated to furthering the bolting industry, introducing new technologies and utilizing advancements in material technology. This enabled them to introduce innovative products that reduced the size, but increased durability and productivity.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems has Rental and Sales facilities located around the globe, with plans to add service centers in other key locations to support our valuable customers. Repair centers locations include Houston, Texas | Baton Rouge, LA | Aberdeen, U.K. | Singapore | and Perth, Australia. Additional customer service offices are located in the Netherlands and Shanghai. We also have a large distribution network that can offer local sales and service support in over 150 countries.