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Flange Pro 

Built upon our unique and highly flexible IMS, FLANGEPRO can be used in many different fields, project phases and for many different service lines and activities, such as:

Pre-BidDuring this stage, the software provides you:
Green checkmark Efficiency
Green checkmark Simplicity
Green checkmark Reduced errors

  • One click access
  • Allows user preferred bolt load calculations
  • Simplifies tool selections
  • Automated process
  • Wider variety of calculation methods

Flange Pro Pre-Bid

Pre-WorkDuring this stage, the software provides you:

Green checkmark Improved planning
Green checkmark Better resource utilization
Green checkmark Reduced errors

  • Tooling requirements
  • Personnel certification
  • Enhance scheduling function
  • Reduces preparation time dramatically
  • Tagging system

On Site WorkDuring this stage, the software provides helps you:

Green checkmark Control acitivity
Green checkmark Improved productivity
Green checkmark Reduced errors

  • Real time project status
  • Dashboard and KPI's
  • Automatic completion of paperwork
  • Records and documents repository

Complete HandoversDuring this stage, the software provides you:

Green checkmark Easy data access to records
Green checkmark Ensures no loss of data
Green checkmark Mitigates costly lawsuits

  • Auto-generation of paperwork
  • Automated sign-off of completion forms
  • Historical CSV records
  • Create handover documentation


Multiple ProjectsCloud PlatformMarkup Tool
Multiple ProjectsCloud PlatformMarkup Tool

A centralized repository to capture,
store and visualize multiple project or
asset related information.

Internet-based global delivery of integrity systems to support both regional and international project execution and governance.

This tool combines powerful document editing, markup and collaboration technology and when combined with our intelligent workflow system a comprehensive visualization tool.

Asset IdentificationConfiguribility / FlexibilityISO 27001
Asset IdentificationConfiguribility / FlexibilityISO 27001

Rapid operations using barcoding and RFID for identification of physical and paper assets to automate business processes and improve accuracy.

Our software is very flexible and can be extensively customized to mirror your organizational process and procedures.

Our Data Centers are all ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited and operated at tier 3+ equivalent levels, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service. Our facilities have fully redundant …

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