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Why is flange integrity so important?

Flange Management Systems can help address elements of SEMS, SEMS II, and RP 75, such as:

  • Maintaining key information on flanged joints, leak testing, and controlled bolting bolt load calculations and methods.
  • Documentation of operating procedures for controlled bolting processes.
  • Help maintain mechanical integrity of piping assets.

Flange Management Systems can help address KP4 requirements:

  • Help track flange records for ageing assets and maintain a documented record of their condition.

Furthermore Flange Management Systems provides a system to help manage hydrocarbon-containing equipment from experiencing a hydrocarbon release.

What's it worth to help prevent a catastrophic event?

  • The Deepwater Horizon accident resulted in the loss of eleven lives and the overall cost was several billion dollars.
  • The Piper Alpha accident cost the loss of 167 lives and changed the face of the North Sea Oil & Gas industry entirely.
  • A high consequence event that occurred in a California refinery which resulted when a 4inch 300# gasket failed due to improper tightening. The refinery reported that consequential damages due to production loss, fines, and rework were in excess of $500M*. (Source: 2014 AFPM Reliability & Maintenance Conference)
Our Flange Management Systems helps to:
  • Mitigate & Avoid high consequence events
  • Extend the life of an asset
  • Maintain expected performance
  • Manage Risk

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