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Who We Are Today

SPX FLOW innovates with customers to help feed and enhance the world by designing, delivering and servicing high value solutions at the heart of growing and sustaining our diverse communities.


Who We Are Striving to Become

We aspire to be a worldwide leader in sustainable solutions which ensure the controlled and measured movements of life’s essential elements.


Think All Customer, All The Time

  • See the world through our customers’ eyes
  • Be reliable and responsive
  • Establish deep customer relationships by going the extra mile
  • Have a desire to serve and a willingness to find creative solutions

Embrace Teamwork With No Borders

  • Win together through diversity of thought and collaboration across functions, across regions and up and down the organization
  • Share the best ideas and replicate success across the enterprise

Be Obsessed With Being The Best

  • Improvement is a lifestyle at SPX FLOW
  • Strive to get better every day and execute better than anyone else
  • Don’t settle for good, excel at being great
  • Simplify processes, and do simple better
  • Care enough to go after every inch of improvement, for the sum of all the inches adds up to a huge difference

Own Your Actions

  • Always be dependable and accountable
  • Confront challenges head on
  • Attack excuses, admit mistakes
  • Communicate in a straight forward manner with no spin on the ball

Ask The Hard Question

  • Productive conversations involve a willingness to have the right, pointed discussion…
  • …with the assumption of positive intent
  • To fix something, you have to discuss what’s broken

Do The Right Thing, Always!

  • Never compromise safety, ethics and integrity
  • Be honest, trustworthy and hardworking no matter who is, or isn’t, watching
  • Display unwavering intellectual honesty at all times, and especially in the toughest situations. Now that’s integrity.

Appreciate The Moment

  • Make it a habit to celebrate success and recognize accomplishments in a genuine, authentic and personal way.
  • Don’t ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure